Our entire undertaking is to improve quality of life through easy financing.

Credpal is an innovative solution that seeks to combat the ever complex loan approval process that has deterred millions from achieving specific goals over the years. We believe quality of life can be drastically improved if individuals can easily make purchases and pay overtime at their convenience with reduced or no financial pressure, while also increasing their purchasing capabilities.



Credpal is an innovation that sets out to improve quality of lives. We are constantly guided by this moral compass and transparency has become our second nature. All our processes are laid bare and we hide nothing.


It is all about you

The interests of our customers come first before ours. Our business philosophy is simple; business must never cease to operate in the interests of people, or we are out of business.


We keep it simple

If our customers cannot understand it, then it is no solution. We are fascinated and constantly motivated by simplicity. Our processes, our design, our support? We keep it all the way simple.

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