More People Buy With CredPal Point of Sale Credit

Let your customers buy more by providing them with instant credit at point of sale, you get paid 100% upfront.

Over 1000 businesses rely on us
to satisfy their consumers credit needs

Over 1,000 businesses rely on us to satisfy their consumers credit needs

Here is why merchants like you love our consumer point of sale credit.

We pay merchants 100% upfront

Merchants are settled in full for all credit approved for buyers.

Access to thousands of buyers with active credit

Tap into an already existing market of buyers with active credit.

Brand Marketing

We ensure maximum exposure for merchants to drive sales!

For Business

CredPal flawlessly integrates into your business checkout flow to increase traffic and drive revenue.

  • 1 There is an option to pay in bits with CredPal which your customers also see while shopping.
  • 2 Your customer selects CredPal as the payment method at checkout, and then fills out a few fields for instant assessment.
  • 3 Your customer chooses the payment plan that suits his/her budget.
  • 4 You process the order while CredPal settles the full amount with you, and your customer pays CredPal in bits.

Helping Consumers buy more than ever before across thousands of their favourite merchants.

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