Pay for your most important purchases in bits.

Credpal proposes more ideas for your money. You can make your purchases and pay in stress-free, fixed monthly payment entirely on your terms.

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Dowload our app and get instant credit for your most important purchases

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How credpal works?

We will quickly take care of purchases most dear to you, if you follow these easy steps

Register simply by filling the Signup form. Credpal account is free!
Verify your Credpal account by telling us about you. Verification is hassle free and can be done in minutes.
Once your account is successfully verified, an instant deposit is approved for your spending.
Enjoy your purchases and pay at your convenience!
"Buying with Credpal and paying over the next few months helped me manage my money better. Initially, I was laboriously saving up to buy new fittings for my apartment, and I just never had enough. With Credpal, I loved that I had no choice"

– Stella Abisoye

We deliver the sincerest support

Our dedicated support team will readily be your financial anchor and help you make smarter choices. This we will do alongside answering all your questions and helping however we can.

How do I sign up for Credpal?

Credpal account is free and easy. Download our mobile app and follow the signup process. Users without android devices can easily signup for Credpal account through any of our listed merchants.

What is required to have a Credpal account?

There are no requirements to open a Credpal account; however there are requirements to access credit.

How do I buy with Credpal?

You can easily buy with Credpal using our mobile app, or you can navigate directly to our partner merchants online or offline and checkout with Credpal anytime.

Where can I buy with Credpal?

You can buy with Credpal from any of our listed merchants.