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Sign up by selecting CredPal as a payment option in the checkout, or just create an account with us and apply for a CredPal Credit Card to allow you take care of your purchases whenever you want.

Select CredPal at Checkout and Feel Great About Buying

Find yourself shopping with any of our merchant partners. Simply checkout with CredPal installment payment option and give yourself the convenience of spreading your payment over time. Credit approval is instant on checkout.

Simply Select CredPal at Checkout and Enjoy

Buy on the GO. Pay Later!

Now you can own your personal shopping credit card. Enjoy the simplicity of installment purchase and the power of true credit card. Get your card shipped to you in as early as 3 days after you signup and place a request!

CredPal Card
CredPal for Merchants

Grow new customers rapidly while your existing customers buy more with the power of true consumer credit. We pay 100% upfront, customers pay us back!

Increase Revenue Growth
Large retail outlets can expect up to a 30% increase in sales revenue while young businesses can grow up to 200% revenue with CredPal point of sale financing.
We Pay 100% Upfront
Once credit is approved for the customer, we pay the merchant the entire charged amount immediately at checkout. No delays.
Approval is Instant
Credit solutions that take days to approve customers’ credit are bad for business. We hate them as well. CredPal approval is instant. It is Automatic!
Customer Testimonials

We cannot forget who keeps us in business. Our commitment to our customers keeps paying off in leaps and bounds, and we couldn’t be more proud to share what is said about CredPal.

Just the right work tool

As a freelance graphic artist, a laptop is an essential tool for my work. With CredPal, I loved that I could buy exactly the kind I wanted in 30 minutes too.
Ebun Ekubanjo
Lanre adewale
Graphic Artist

I bought a generator

I couldn’t keep up with the recurring expense for electrical units. Getting a generator was the smartest choice I made with CredPal’s help.
Ebun Ekubanjo
Osato Godwin
Customer Care Agent

No place like my home

Buying new fittings for my apartment with CredPal helped me plan my spending better. I love CredPal. I can’t thank you enough for helping me furnish my apartment to my taste.
Ebun Ekubanjo
Suleiman Ibrahim
Some partners who have kept us motivated

Longer is the road ahead, however coming this far has only been possible through the support of ecosystem builders who believe in dreams and innovations.

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