Savings & InvestmentSave & invest your money with CredPal.Credit BuilderBuild your credit to a perfect score

Take control of your finances with CredPal savings.

Automate your savings and reach your financial goals easily

Take control of your finances with CredPal savings.

Save more by using four strategies.

Maximize your savings and reach your financial goals faster with CredPal! With CredPal, you have the opportunity to receive up to 12% returns on your savings, making your money grow faster and helping you achieve your financial goals sooner.

Flex Savings

Maximize your funds with our free withdrawals, secure savings, and up to 12% yearly interest with our flexible savings plan. Effortlessly watch your wealth grow.

flexFlex Savings

Dollar Savings

Protect your savings from inflation and secure your financial future by growing your wealth in dollars. With interest rates of up to 8% p.a., you'll be able to reach your financial goals sooner than you think.

dollarDollar Savings


Are you having trouble sticking to your savings plan and keeping your money secure? By locking your funds, you are taking a proactive step towards achieving financial stability and security.



Set a financial goal and save consistently towards it. Up to 7% p.a.

goalGoal SavingsGoal Savings


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CredPal is a revolutionary credit solution geared towards providing seamless credit access for businesses and individuals across developing economies.

CredPal financial services are offered by Stockcorp Microfinance Bank, fully licensed and regulated by the Central bank of Nigeria. CredPal offers innovative financial solutions including payment, savings and credit services. Our credit solution allows businesses and individuals to buy anything and pay for it in instalments across online and offline Merchants by providing them with instant access to credit at the point of checkout.

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